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women-workingoutIf you’re like most Fitness studio owners, you face several issues that are keeping you from growing your business.

Maybe you’ve noticed several Fitness studios in your area growing like crazy. You’ve probably seen their ads in the local penny pincher or the yellow pages and you’re thinking, “what the heck is keeping your business from growing like theirs?”

Look, its time to be brutally honest. I’ve personally never owned a Fitness studio, but I’ve owned several businesses, including my current business where I manage lead generation for several businesses and I can tell you that there are THREE reasons most small businesses don’t achieve big growth.

#1 – You don’t have consistent, predictable lead generation. 

Here’s what most fitness studio owners do: They think to themselves, “hey its June, not a good month for growth, so I need to do so some advertising. Maybe I’ll offer $20 off a group class or a free 3 day pass.”

Whatever you decide to offer, you’ve set yourself up for failure.

Wanna  know why? Because you’re too focused on tactics, not strategy.

Lead generation is not a tactic, its a strategy that you do consistently, month after month.

Buying ads from the local Penny Pincher or the YellowPages isn’t going to radically alter your business. Neither is investing in SEO or some random digital marketing tactic.

You need a focused plan of attack that will get you consistent, repeatable leads that will turn into long term members for your fitness business.

#2 – You don’t have a followup strategy in place.

I see it all the time. Fitness studio owners who think that if they get a bunch of leads, somehow they’ll magically turn into sales from day one.

It’s not going to happen. You have to followup.

Think about the students you’ve mentored or coached. Did they go from being in shape the first day they got in the gym? No, they had to work hard, create a new mindset, and get focused on building the body they want.

No ones giving you their email address and phone number because they’re 100% ready to signup. They’re busy, they don’t have time for this. Its you and your teams job to sell them on WHY they should own their life again and get back in the gym.

If you don’t followup, you won’t have a business. You’ll have occasional accidental sales from people who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

#3 – You don’t invest in your business

If you want to consistently grow your business, you have to be willing to actually bite the bullet and reinvest your profits in your business. Even if you’re not completely profitable, you have to decide if you really want this fitness studio thing to work you, you’re going to have to give it the cash it needs to grow.

I see it time and time again. Business owners who try to be savvy and save a couple of bucks by doing their own marketing and ending up burning thousands of dollars on wasted websites, ads, etc.

Don’t be that business owner. Take your stuff seriously. Your customers are an asset who love you. They come to your gym because they trust your staff and believe that you can help them grow.

So what are you going to do about it? Can you identify with these 3 reasons your fitness studio isn’t growing? If so, I want to give you an opportunity to change that.

Let me help you discover what your business has been missing that is keeping you from crossing the $500k, $1mm, or even $5mm per year in revenue mark.

I’ve got 15 minutes this week and I believe my team and I can help you get over that hump and into the next season of growth for your business.

**This NOT a pitch session.** I love helping businesses whether they’re a fit for my services or not. Either way, you’re going to get solid, actionable strategies that will take your business to the next level.

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